Webbase hosting services are undergoing a platform migration to Openhost.

Customers will be receiving email notifications a week in advance of the service changes.

While we anticipate little impact, it is strongly recommended customers read the below instructions to mitigate any unexpected consequences for mission critical services.



1. Login to the new Openhost customer dashboard

An email will have been sent to the registered account contact on record for your existing Webbase account with your account details.

The same login username and password combination from your Webbase control panel, will be carried over the the Openhost customer login.

The Openhost control panel login page can be found on our website, or at the following link: openhost.net.nz/cp

If you are not able to login to your Openhost customer dashboard, please perform a password reset from the Openhost login page and an email with instructions will be sent to you.


2. Visiting and checking the website

Following the migration event - please see your migration email notification for the exact scheduled date - Its important you check your website functionality and confirm this is working as expected.

We recommend browsing the site in an 'incognito' or 'private browsing' window or even clearing your cache to ensure you are loading the website from the new host server after the DNS change. See our cache clearing guide here.


3. Check site functionality

The migration process requires some connection information and special access permissions to be reset. As a consequence, some third party tools or services that access the website files via FTP or database remotely may require minor adjustment.

Our support team will be doing checks on each individual website post migration, but more advanced website functions will be difficult to confirm working on our own.

As a result, we ask that you test and confirm any of the following functions or features you might be using on your website:

  • E-commerce systems
  • Sites that have a customer login portal and user profiles
  • HTTPS secure for sites using an SSL certificate
  • Website contact forms
  • Connections being made to your website from third party tools, servers or devices.
  • Cron jobs or scheduled backup tasks


How can I contact support?

For migration dedicated service inquiries, please contact us on support@webbase.co.nz