Plan & Pricing Changes

We intend to align the pricing to the Openhost pricing for all products, however, we will apply a 10% discount on domains to your account to minimise impact. Plans will be mapped to the closest Openhost equivalent.

Domain cost will increase from $29.95 per year to $35.95.

The current free mail only hosting will move to our Mail Classic plan which is $2/month.

Ignition plans will be mapped to Linux Starter, which will increase your disk allocation and reduce the price by $0.95/month.

Launch plans will be mapped to Linux Professional plans, with far more resources but with a 7.5% discount to match the price.

Orbit plans will be mapped to our Linux Ultimate plan where disk space is more than doubled from 20GB to 50GB, but requires a price increase of $1.05/month.

Note: Credit card information will not be migrated over, you will need to re-enter payment information upon logging in to the new platform.

Reseller Plan & Pricing Changes

Reseller 1000 will change to Reseller Starter which will increase storage from 10GB to 25GB, while the price only increases $0.05 per month.

Reseller 2000 subscriptions will change to our Reseller Silver plan. This increases disk space from 20GB to 50GB, and we will apply a 10% discount on the price so that there is only a $4 per month increase.

If you are a Reseller Unlimited customer, we will put you on our Reseller Platinum offering. There will be a $5.05 per month increase. Where necessary, we will remove over usage costs so you can continue to host all of your sites. 

We may reach out to you individually if your subscription does not fit well into any of the above scenarios.